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Five Incredibly Easy Ways To Vietnam Backpacking Tour Guides Better While Spending Less

Let’s experience the local cuisine together, hop on and let’s go! Hopping on a moto-taxi is what to do in Vietnam if looking for a fun, fast and cheap way to dodge the traffic. Taking a street food tour is what to do in vietnam travel information to gain confidence with the local food. I paid as little as 4000 VN for a 0.30 cc glass.

Among the things to do in Vietnam, I hardly recommend guided tours. Not really helpful when she was meant to provide insightful information on Vietnam tourist spots. The following is non-exhaustive list of the gorgeous places to see in Vietnam and the things to do in Vietnam for those that like me have a limited time in the country.

Traffic is frantic and noise incessant. Visiting the Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the things to do in Hanoi. The area is lovely – it is near all the embassies, and closed to traffic – so it is really pleasant to walk around especially on a sunny day.

It involves puppet being moved from under the water, in a show that explains the pillars of Vietnamese cultural beliefs. But the show is fun, it lasts just long enough to make the 100000 VN of the ticket worth it, yet not so long that one may get bored. I counted no more than 10 Westerners there during the entire day (including myself and my sister).

There are several temples in the area, all interesting and full of people praying. We opted to walk up and then take the cable car on the way down, but it was so humid that day that the ground was completely slippery – so much so that we regretted walking. If the weather is nice, Ha Long Bay shines of an emerald green.

The experience is nevertheless mystical and so enjoyable to make this one of the top Vietnam tourist spots. I wish stricter laws were put in place to control the number of boats and visitors that enter the area and that laws on environmental protection were properly implemented. However, exploring this region requires time, and unfortunately I didn’t have much.

One of the best things to do in Vietnam and for which I really recommend Sapa is enjoying the gorgeous views of the valley: rice terraces, buffalo lazily chewing on the grass, traditional villages and the smiling faces of the locals make this area truly enjoyable. Among the best things to do in Vietnam that can be fully enjoyed in Hoi An there’s discovering its traditional architecture in the many historic buildings that are scattered around the centre of town, such as the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge, constructed in the 1590s by the Japanese community. Ticket boots are scattered around town selling a carnet of 5 tickets for a total of 120000 VN (less than $6 USD) that can be used during the course of 10 days.

Of all the places to visit in Vietnam, Hoi An is the one that has the highest density of tailors.

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